Wastewater issues are a major concern on Long Island and we understand the complexities of this problem and are well-equipped to provide sustainable solutions that fit your specific needs.

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Water Treatment Services

On Long Island, water treatment services are vitally important. We face a wastewater issue that requires efficient and effective solutions, and The Great Architect of nature provides many options for us to consider. By using engineered wetlands, which are designed to mimic natural wetlands by utilizing plants to naturally filter pollutants from the water, we can properly treat our wastewater. Constructed marshes – shallow ponds that contain specially selected native plant species – also offer an effective way to improve our water quality.

Bioswales are another popular option for treating wastewater on Long Island. These vegetated trenches slow and capture runoff from roads, parking lots, rooftops, and other impervious surfaces as it enters our waterways. Bioswales help reduce polluted runoff by allowing sediment and pollutants to settle out before the water is discharged or absorbed into the ground. Furthermore, this method reduces flooding risks by managing stormwater on-site rather than sending it directly into streams or rivers.

Spadefoot Design and Construction is dedicated to using eco-friendly practices when addressing the wastewater issue on Long Island. Our team understands the complexities of this problem and is well-equipped to provide sustainable solutions that fit your specific needs. Whether you need a constructed wetland, marsh restoration project, or bioswale installation, we will assess your property carefully and design a system tailored just for you that meets all local regulations while providing an ecologically sound solution. Contact us today for more information about how you can benefit from our expertise in water treatment services on Long Island!

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Enbiorganic Technologies

Spadefoot proudly licenses technology from EnBiorganic Technologies, whose microbiology process digests wastewater sludge, controls FOG (fat, oil and grease), breaks down pollutants and solids, and controls odor and corrosion. A case study was performed at a sewage treatment plant in Pennsylvania, read more here.  Long Island has its fair share of wastewater and with the help of EnBiorganic Technologies, Spadefoot can make positive changes.  

EnBiorganic is able to grow bacteria on-site that will outcompete the harmful algae for the nutrients they feed on and limit harmful byproducts such as microcystins. The whole process is automated – the analysis of the wastewater, the dynamic modifications to the bacterial mix, and the release of the optimized bacteria into the waste stream. With so many of our ponds and lakes dying on Long Island, what if there was something we could do to save them and restore ecological balance?

Harmful Algae Bloom (HAB)

The microbial agent application and deployment restores natural microbial equilibrium in the water that stops cyanobacteria from blooming and remediates any portions where blooming may already have begun. Preventing blooms under all environmental conditions.

Elimination of Cyanotoxins

The EBS-Di sustains balance going forward against the constant influx of organic materials and phosphates that create imbalanced conditions. In the process, the EnBiorganic microbes consume and destroy the dead cyanobacteria and all the cyanotoxins, including Microcystin.

Safe & Natural

The microbiology used by EnBrioganic is sustainably sourced, organic, non-toxic, non-pathogenic, and 100% safe for application in nature – Safe for all animals, plants, and humans. 

Risk Reduction

Eliminating HAB and cyanotoxins not only greatly reduces the risk of environmental damage to the surrounding ecosystem, but it reduces dangers to public health.

Enbiorganic Technologies

We are happy to discuss with you all the features and benefits of EnBiorganic’s services in more detail. How would their services dramatically lower your sludge removal costs, or your odor problems, or improve effluent quality, or return Nature to a poisoned pond? We will model it out for you, and offer you a 60 day demo if you are amenable.

  • No CAPEX. The EBS-Di is 4’X3’X2′ weighs 325 lbs, and requires 220 volts. We will be responsible for installation.
  • 60 Day Trial. We are confident that you will begin to see results within 60 days, given how quickly the bacteria grow to overcome the pathogens. After that, with the bacteria properly trained, the unit can move on to the next pond or sewage treatment plant to train a new batch.
  • This is TAAS (Technology As A Service). You pay a monthly subscription to your bacteria. The ROI here is substantial.
  • Pay On Performance. If it doesn’t work, don’t pay us. Since the EBS-Di is constantly adjusting to the wastewater content, eventually the unit wins.


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