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Now Offering EnBiorganic Technology

Automating Wastewater Remediation Through Nature
EnBiorganic TechnologiesSpadefoot Design and Construction relies throughout on The Great Architect, Nature herself, as we rebuild native habitat, whether in your yard, your park, or along your main streets. As we address what is without question one of Long Island’s most pressing environmental issues, the wastewater problem, we seek simplicity.  Digging up lawns and streets, further tearing at our earth, will hardly solve the problem. Nature remediates waste through bacterial processes. Native plants remove pathogens. So do bioswales and constructed marshes.

With Spadefoot now licensing technology from EnBiorganic Technologies, we are able to offer the following wastewater remediation services

Check out this press release announcing Spadefoot’s licensing of their technology.

Sewage Treatment Plant Optimization
silverspring install

EnBiorganic offers here a description of a current trial at a sewage treatment plant in Pennsylvania. By optimizing the bacteria for the wastewater, they have been able to address odors, sludge, fats, oils, and greases, and all through changing the biology within the wastewater. As the bacteria are adapted to that particular wastewater, their population explodes, eventually running through the whole plant, vastly lowering costs and improving performance. Long Island as its share of those, of course, large and small.

Blue Green Algae Bloom
EnBiorganic is able to grow bacteria on-site that will outcompete the harmful algae for the nutrients they feed on and limit harmful byproducts such as microcystins. The whole process is automated – the analysis of the wastewater, the dynamic modifications to the bacterial mix, and the release of the optimized bacteria into the waste stream. With so many of our ponds and lakes dying on Long Island, what if there was something we could do to save them and restore ecological balance?
En-Biorganic, led by a team of Ph.D. microbiologists working for decades in the field of wastewater management, have brought automated wireless intelligence to bacterial bioremediation. Any microbiologist will tell you that the right bacteria will eat the nutrients of concern. The ability to tailor the microbes to that specific location has made all the difference. Rather than buying expensive bags of spores, one can simply dispense the bacteria and watch it grow exponentially until they – and the pathogens – run out of food.

Spadefoot and EnBiorganic offer these services risk free

  • No CAPEX. The EBS-Di is 4’X3’X2′ weighs 325 lbs, and requires 220 volts. We will be responsible for installation.
  • 60 Day Trial. We are confident that you will begin to see results within 60 days, given how quickly the bacteria grow to overcome the pathogens. After that, with the bacteria properly trained, the unit can move on to the next pond or sewage treatment plant to train a new batch.
  • This is TAAS (Technology As A Service). You pay a monthly subscription to your bacteria. The ROI here is substantial.
  • Pay On Performance. If it doesn’t work, don’t pay us. Since the EBS-Di is constantly adjusting to the wastewater content, eventually the unit wins.
We are happy to discuss with you all the features and benefits of EnBiorganic’s services in more detail. How would their services dramatically lower your sludge removal costs, or your odor problems, or improve effluent quality, or return Nature to a poisoned pond? We will model it out for you, and offer you a 60 day demo if you are amenable.

This technology came along at the right time. AI, GPS, IoT, and the Cloud, though helped make this possible – all the forces driving our digital transformation. Welcome to an automated natural environment.