DesignIng With Nature

Natural Design
At Spadefoot, we first ask “What should go here?” Soil composition, light, and relative moisture all play in to that decision.

The plant selection process goes a lot further, however.  Is this to be a pollinator garden?  A “swamp forest,” a bioswale, a meadow, an oak stand or a bayberry/beach plum thicket?  Dozens of types of native trees, shrubs, flowers and grasses go in to our designs.   In the end, it is about mimicking local habitats as well as we can.   How would Nature design this?

Spadefoot provides its clients with detailed planting plans, creating mockups of native plantings to develop your custom solution, whether you are a homeowner, a business, a municipality, property manager, or developer.

Spadefoot serves a broad client base because we believe we all must act in the common cause of restoring the ecosystems our communities depend upon, and that necessarily involves everyone’s involvement.