Invasive Species Removal

Plant Natives To Fight The  Invasive Plants
Spadefoot has both the scientific expertise to address a variety of invasive plants — English Ivy, Porcelainberry, Burning Bush, Mugwort, Autumn Olive, Wisteria, Oriental Bittersweet, Bamboo, etc, but also the machinery required for the job and the expertise needed to run the equipment.
Removing the invasive plants is but the beginning of the process, however.   Spadefoot, relying upon leading edge scientific expertise in developing and executing comprehensive and species-specific invasive species management plans, will plant natives in order to reestablish habitat while suppressing the return of the invasive plants.

Not only is this the right strategy:  Replacing destructive invasive species with planted native ecologies greatly enhances the ecological value of the land, and the wealth of the larger community.