Our Projects

Sound Beach, NY

Storm water runoff and erosion was pushing this property into the Long Island Sound.

Port Washington, NY

Invasive species were wreaking havoc on Leeds Pond Preserve.

Drainage Issues

A backyard in a Long Island home had an area that was always muddy.

Japanese Stiltgrass

A backyard was being taken over by an invasive grass species.

English Ivy Removal

Get rid of English Ivy for good with this technique.


A backyard was being overrun with the invasive species, phragmites.


Garlic Mustard was taking over this area and Spadefoot needed to step in to take back control.

Bioswale & pollinator garden

A stormwater drain was not able to handle the volume of runoff.

Living Shoreline

Provide natural beauty while protecting upland built structures from storm surge.

Transforming A Lawn

Take an unused lawn and make it beneficial to the client and the environment.

Native Gardens

Enjoy native garden beds with a “controlled wild” look.