Landscaped Look With A Punch

Long Island, NY

At A Glance


This client wanted native garden beds but didn’t know where to start and didn’t want a “messy look.”


Spadefoot transformed these beds into native gardens while keeping in mind that a “landscaped” look was desired.


The Project Details

This deceivingly large but simple project demonstrates the ability to create a “landscaped” look that packs an ecological punch!
A common mistake made by native plant enthusiasts is not considering the max height of the plant when establishing a more formal “foundational” planting. These gardens often “flop” during mid-summer storms, creating a messy look with large plants flopping onto remaining lawns, sidewalks, or driveways. Most asters, for example, grow very large and are best layered towards the back of a planting.

Here we framed the edge of the planting with creeping phlox, which will create a clear line of demarcation between the “garden beds” and the lawn. This controlled wild look will fill in over this growing season and includes many other lovely natives.