Hofstra University Sustainable Garden

Sustainable Garden
Hempstead, NY

At A Glance


Hofstra University sought a beautiful design for an ecologically sustainable garden to serve as a welcome point for new students at the admission center.


Spadefoot Design and Construction prepared a plan and oversaw the construction of a native plant pollinator garden that fit in well with the carefully curated Hofstra landscape.


The Project Details

A beautiful and ecologically diverse garden now welcomes students and helps to inform students and visitors of the importance of native plants in the landscape.

With this project we sought to incorporate native and beautiful pollinator friendly plantings into the carefully curated grounds of Hofstra University. This project was a challenge as we sought to provide an informational welcome center with plants that “fit in” with the existing plantings. As the school was recognized as an arboretum in 1985, the administration and grounds staff wanted to ensure a “controlled wild” look that provided ecological function while encouraging folks to take nature home to their yards—even in a more “manicured” neighborhood.