Non-native, invasive pests and plants can cause severe damage to native ecosystems. We can help control and eradicate these invasive species and restore the natural ecosystem.

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Invasive Plant Removal

Long Island is home to a diverse array of native plant species, making it a valuable piece of the environment. Unfortunately, invasive plant species have been making their way onto Long Island, threatening the natural habitats and crowding out native species. When native plants disappear from our ecosystem and are replaced by non-native plants the effects are damaging. Many food sources and habitats for Long Island’s beneficial pollinators, birds and other animals are lost. It is important to remove these invasive plants in order to protect the environment and restore ecological balance.

At Spadefoot, we are experts in the removal of invasive plants on Long Island. Our experienced team of researchers and technicians uses the latest science-based methods to identify and remove invasive plants. We use both manual and machine-assisted methods to clear away infestations before they become too large. In addition, we utilize herbicides as a last resort when needed.

Once an area has been cleared of invasive plant species, our technicians will then plant native species back into the area in order to reestablish habitat and prevent recurrence of these destructive invaders. This helps to promote biodiversity, restore equilibrium within Long Island’s delicate ecology, protect water quality, and ensure that there is healthy wildlife on the island for generations to come.

In addition to removing existing problem species from areas on Long Island, Spadefoot also provides ongoing surveillance services to make sure that new infestations do not take hold on the island. We monitor for signs of new invasions such as seedlings or strange looking vegetation so that any potential problems can be addressed quickly and effectively before they spread further into natural habitats.

Our team at Spadefoot is committed to protecting Long Island’s native ecosystems by using modern science-based strategies for managing invasive plant species on the island. With our experience and expertise in removing existing infestations while simultaneously preventing future occurrences through monitoring programs, you can trust us with your invasive plant management needs!

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Invasive Plants on Long Island

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