Healing Our Waters: Spadefoot Brings EnBiorganic Technologies To New York

Water treatment is a constant design goal at Spadefoot.  Native plantings result in water that is better filtered, part of a thriving biome.   We build bioswales to redirect polluted stormwater so that it can be properly and slowly filtered through native plantings.   We plant constructed marshes to treat runoff along otherwise flooded streets.  We convert sumps into bird sanctuaries, where the all native plantings restore the sump to its previous capacity in managing stormwater, and as a recharge basin.    We plant yards with natives, and thereby make them more flood resistance and absorptive, and of actual benefit to the local environment.

Now though with our licensing of technology from Enbiorganic, Spadefoot has the means to address two enormous problems on Long Island: eutrophication and sewage treatment plant management.

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