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We maintain, protect and preserve coastal properties throughout Long Island.

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Long Island Erosion Control

At Spadefoot we understand that Long Island homes experience coastal erosion that can put homes and backyards in jeopardy. 

Living on Long Island affords some of us the opportunity to enjoy living on or near the ocean, sound or bays. However, each year our land is being lost to the sea due to erosion. Homeowners with coastal land are experiencing the negative impact this is having and need professional help to manage the erosion. 

We have completed many projects on Long Island where erosion was a concern. With strategic planning and a team of experts, we are able to create custom solutions for erosion issues. Read about one of projects here.

Bluff Erosion

Long Island’s coastal bluffs are composed of a wide variety of sediment ranging in grain size from fine silts and clays to large boulders. As groundwater moves, it loosens and picks up material; erosion will result when the water flows out of the bluff removing sediment with it. Bare, unvegetated portions of the bluff face are very susceptible to erosion by rain and wind that pick up and remove unconsolidated materials. Homeowners facing these issues have options when it comes to battling erosion. 

At Spadefoot, ecological restoration and stormwater management go hand in hand.  Stormwater can only be properly managed within the context of native plantings.  A healthy local soil biome, combined with the complex webs that native plantings form in creating a habitat, will greatly outperform those plantings where the plant’s native range and habitat aren’t taken into consideration.

Stormwater issues are often the outgrowth of local landscaping practices. A typical flat and treeless suburban lawn has the absorptive capacity of concrete.  A rain comes, and with, increasingly, curbs being hardscaped, streets are soon inundated.

When Spadefoot designs a bioswale, it is with the understanding that the native plants and organic material will act to filter out the excess fertilizers and road contaminants from the runoff.

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What Can Spadefoot Do To Help with Erosion?

Spadefoot will analyze your property’s hydrology — where water flows on it and beneath it — in order to build out the proper planting and stormwater management design.  By creating constructed wetlands, native “swamp forests,” by converting sumps into bird sanctuaries, Spadefoot is able to harness nature to heal nature.

Our bioswales capture stormwater runoff, naturally then process it with the root systems of the native plantings, protecting local water bodies and bringing beauty to your property and community. Our bioswales will help address your flooding issues from Day One. Over time, as the plants grow and mature, the bioswale becomes more and more effective — and beautiful, a haven for butterflies, bees and birds.

Our erosion control services provide cost effective solutions to help maximize flood and erosion protection for your coastal investment. At Spadefoot, we’re proud to offer a long term approach to erosion control that provide immediate solutions to imminent coastal erosion problems and continues to have a lasting impact.

Recent Projects

We’re constantly working on projects all over Long Island, building, restoring and enhancing native habits. Learn about our recent projects.

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