Today, our volunteers put in two hard hours of work to remove as much mugwort as possible from our sanctuary. We focused on two main areas: a section in the front of our sanctuary and the area surrounding the native trees we recently planted. The progress made today was fantastic, and it would not have been possible without our wonderful volunteers!

Why is Maintaining Invasive Species Important?

Maintaining invasive species is important for several reasons. Most importantly, invasive species can outcompete native species for food and resources, leading to fewer native plants and animals in an area. This leads to decreased biodiversity, adversely affecting an ecosystem’s health. Additionally, invasive species can disrupt entire ecosystems by disrupting processes like nutrient cycling or causing changes in soil composition that render certain areas unsuitable for native plants and animals.


What Are Our Goals?

Our goal is to create a sanctuary with low levels of non-native invasive species so our native wildlife can thrive without competition. We want visitors to be able to experience a vibrant collection of diverse plant and animal life when they come to visit! To achieve this goal, we are actively working with local experts who specialize in managing invasive species populations, as well as relying on help from dedicated volunteers like those who put in time today.

Today’s volunteer efforts were just one small step towards achieving our goal of creating a vibrant, sustainable sanctuary full of diverse plant and animal life – but it was an important one! We are incredibly grateful for all the help we receive from volunteers like you and look forward to seeing you again at the next event. Together, we can make great strides toward protecting the natural beauty of our sanctuary! Thank you again for your dedication and commitment – it does not go unnoticed!