Ecological Restoration and Stormwater Management

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Ecological Restoration and Stormwater Management

Spadefoot will analyze your property’s hydrology — where water flows on it and beneath it — in order to build out the proper planting and stormwater design.   Our bioswales capture stormwater runoff then process it with the root systems of the plantings, protecting local water bodies and bringing beauty to your property and community.   Our bioswales will help address your flooding issues from Day One.   Over time, as the plants grow and mature, the bioswale becomes more and more effective — and beautiful, a haven for butterflies, bees and birds.

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Whether you are looking for plants, trees, shrubs or garden accessories, at Spadefoot, we’ve got you covered. We supply top quality garden plants and accessories throughout Long Island. We can also give you expert advice and guidance on how to care for your plants throughout the year.

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