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Do you need a bioswale built? Stormwater redirected? Spadefoot can design and execute these projects.  At the same time, Spadefoot will plant the trees, bushes, shrubs and grasses in their proper arrangement on your property.   Do you want a pollinator garden?  A field of wildflowers?  A native forest right in your yard?  Spadefoot’s“softscaping” will bring out the native beauty of your property by planting what belongs there, given the soil, the light, and hydrology.

We Are Changing Landscaping Practices As A Way To Heal Nature

It is now time for the landscaping industry to be reinvented around habitat restoration. The science is clear: The practice of planting non native plants on our properties — Japanese Red Maple, English Ivy, common periwinkle, wisteria, etc. — is destroying native habitat, both in our yards and globally as these plants spread.

The results of this global practice of introducing non-natives is now everywhere to be seen. We need to reverse course to save our environment now through a massive effort of habitat restoration everywhere. How can you help? Create native habitat in your yard. What can landscapers and big box stores do? Sell natives. Plant natives. We’ve been striving towards an unnatural beauty — insect free, exotic well manicured plantings. Spadefoot believes that the future is in our natural past and that Nature itself is synonymous with beauty. We will make your yard beautiful and full of life.

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Spadefoot Team

Spadefoot is as much a movement as a company.  We are here to restore the native biome, to rebuild local habitat, to help create a sustainable future locally.  We enlist experts in native plants, in  habitat restoration, people working to reintroduce for instance The American Chestnut and The Atlantic White Cedar, scientists, naturalists, and passionate amateurs in the collective project of returning nature to our communities.  For all of us, this is a passion project, and that is reflected in our work.

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