Tim Gomes

Mark Murray


Mark Murray joined forces with Frank when they met as Directors of Save The Great South Bay. Frank invited Mark to join him with his vision to provide actual physical design and construction services for the ecological restoration of Long Island. Mark is active in his community, a trait learned at Niagra University, where curriculum and community emphasized contribution to society. Mark graduated from Niagra University with a B.S. in Management and Labor Relations (known today as Human Relations). After working his way through college as a laborer in the construction industry, Mark earned his JD from Touro Law in 1989, where public service was also revered and practiced. In recognition of his donating free legal services to those in need the Suffolk County Bar Association recognized Mark for his services as Pro-Bono Attorney. Donating his time as General Counsel for several startup businesses and not for profit organizations, including as co-founder of The Long Island Conservancy, The Rollstone Foundation and Natasha’s Justice Project, he has helped many organizations start up and thrive. Mark is passionate about restoring habitats to promote support for native and migrating birds, butterflies, bees and other pollinators and natural resources for the environment to help reverse the trend of decline of wildlife, their habitats and migratory paths and other natural resources. As a native Long Islander who raised his children here with an appreciation for the natural resources and beauty Long Island has to offer, Mark is grateful to have an opportunity to help restore the natural ecologies of Long Island, one project at a time.