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Spadefoot proudly builds, restores, and enhances native habitats in yards, forests, and wetlands surrounding communities and businesses on Long Island. 

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Our Latest Project on Long Island

Our Latest Project on Long Island

trees planted

shrubs planted


About Spadefoot

We are Spadefoot.  Whether in your yard, your park, or for your business, we turn sumps into bird sanctuaries, remove invasive plants and return the natives, and creating oases for native plants while reconstructing local food webs. .


Stormwater Management

We are experts in natural stormwater management and runoff on Long Island

Natural Landscape

At Spadefoot, we provide our clients with detailed planting plans and create mockups of the final design. We will help you transform your outdoor space into a natural landscape that is both beautiful and functional. Call us today!


We understand the importance of removing invasive species from our yards, parks and businesses.

Installing Habitats

We will help you identify what native habitats are possible in your yard, given soil, light, and moisture, and your own goals.

Water Treatment SERVICES

Wastewater is a major concern on Long Island and we have the expertise and equipment to custom tailor a solution for you.

Spadefoot Blog

Virginia Creeper

Virginia Creeper

Some fun photos of a volunteer native vine—Virginia creeper—growing on some common milkweed. Both plants are volunteers at a site that used to be a prototypical suburban yard in Huntington, NY; all lawn and a few token trees… These photos demonstrate (on a very small...

Wild Black Cherry

Wild Black Cherry

Wild black cherry (Prunus serotina) is truly a gift from nature. Aside from the obvious wildlife value of the fruits, this species is often one the the first pioneer species to establish to help jump start ecological succession after an area is cleared of pernicious...

For The Love of Cinnamon Fern

For The Love of Cinnamon Fern

Pictured here is Cinnamon fern (Osmundastrum cinnamomeum) which is an excellent native to add to a shady and moist spot in your yard.  This attractive plant extends fronds in the spring that resemble cinnamon sticks.  Co-associated with red maple swamps, these clump...

Recent Projects

We’re constantly working on projects all over Long Island, building, restoring and enhancing native habits. Learn about our recent projects.

Sound Beach, NY

Storm water runoff and erosion was pushing this property into the Long Island Sound.

Port Washington, NY

Invasive species were wrecking havoc on Leeds Pond Preserve.

Drainage Issues

A backyard in a Long Island home had an area that was always muddy.

Japanese Stiltgrass

A backyard was being taken over by an invasive grass species.

English Ivy Removal

Get rid of English Ivy for good with this technique.

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