We build, restore, and enhance native habitats.

Whether in your yard, your park, or for your business, we turn sumps into bird sanctuaries, remove invasive plants and return the natives, and create an oasis for native plants while reconstructing local food webs. 

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Why We’re Different
At Spadefoot, we specialize in restoring the natural balance of local ecosystems across Long Island. Our team replaces invasive plants with native vegetation that offers an oasis for wildlife and creates healthier food webs. We are also experts at managing storm water runoff using bioswales to preserve hydrology networks. Additionally, our pollinator gardens create a haven for birds and bees alike! As part of this movement known as “rewilding”, imagine what would be growing on your property if you hadn’t been there: from sun-soaked pitch pines to leafy oaks or laurel shrubs – each thrives under its own unique conditions – allowing us bring back nature one step at time into suburban areas!

At Spadefoot Construction and Design, we are passionate about Nature. Our mission is to take the environments around us back to their native biomes by replanting them with locally-suited plants that create a habitat for animals (and fungi) alike! We make sure our selections will fit your property’s unique traits like sun exposure, soil type and moisture levels through inventorying it first before beginning any work. Whether in your yard or park nearby; along Main Street or on corporate grounds – let us bring nature into harmony with humanity again though careful restoration of its glorious ecosystems!